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Avoid these mistakes if you want to grow your vocabulary!

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Do you want a bigger vocabulary? Of course! Who doesn’t? But there are many methods out there that might be harming you instead of helping.

If you’ve ever tried to learn new vocabulary, you know that it can feel impossible at times, or overwhelming when you think about all the words you need to learn.

Even worse is when you spend time learning vocab, but then you can’t put it in a sentence when you need it!

Today, I’m talking about the WORST techniques to improve your vocabulary. Avoid these techniques to save yourself time and prevent future headaches 😉. I’ll also be showing you proven methods that will ACTUALLY help you boost your vocabulary in a way that is productive, easy and will make words stick for good.

To get started, download my FREE 5-Step Vocabulary Planner: https://bit.ly/3XiF0qv

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