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Episode #384

Business English Communication - How to Succeed in Conversations with Lindsay McMahon

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Do you want to improve your communication skills in professional environments in English? That’s exactly what we’re talking about today with Lindsay from All Ears English. We talk about how business English has changed since the pandemic, and how you can succeed in conversations remotely or in-person. 

Useful Business English phrases, recommended by Lindsay:

  • I apologize but I need to reschedule our meeting. Does [time] work for you?
  • I hate to do this but I need to reschedule our meeting. Can you please send me your availability for next week?
  • I’m sorry, I have to cancel. Would you be available at [time]?
  • I want to respect your time today. What are your time constraints?
  • How did [event] go?
  • I’m wondering what you’re thinking about [topic of interest]?
  • What are your thoughts on [topic]?
  • What keeps you busy when you’re out of work?
  • What do you like to do outside of work?
  • Now I’m gonna pass this to [person].
  • Next up is [person] who’s gonna go through [something].
  • I’ll hand it back to [person] to show us [something].


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