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Episode #42

How To Learn New Vocabulary? Build Pronunciation Confidence ?

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Tired of theory and need the real deal?!?

In this episode I share with you an in-depth vocabulary exercise that will help you learn and remember words and use them frequently.
I based these drills on the understanding that there are many words you know but never use, for several reasons:
– You’re not confident PRONOUNCING them
– They’re not accessible (you forget to use them)
– You don’t feel confident using them correctly in a sentence

I developed a 5-step system to overcome these challenges and enhance your vocabulary.
People who have tried it told me that for the first time they felt that they were growing their vocabulary!

In this episode I use this technique with 5 words you may not be using as frequently as you’d like: inevitable, accurate, obvious, redundant, valuable.

Give it a try and tell me how it goes!

Download my vocabulary planner to boost your vocabulary:

Here’re the video and more sentences with these 5 words to practice:

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