Episode #20

Same Spelling but Different Pronunciation? 😱

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  • 20. Same Spelling but Different Pronunciation? 😱 00:00

When you see the word ‘resume’ do you know how to pronounce it if it’s out of context?
I guess it’s going to be hard. Because two words (that are pronounced differently) share this spelling!

Homographs are words that are written the same but are pronounced differently. And English has lots of them! This is one of the reasons English spelling is so confusing. We see two words that are completely identical, yet are supposed to pronounce their vowels, consonants or even stress differently.

In this episode, I’m going to review a bunch of them:

  • tear
  • read
  • live
  • Polish
  • resume
  • use
  • close
  • present
  • record
  • desert
  • produce


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  1. It is super interesting .I have never thought it in this way .Nobody said it before .Your lessons are just awesome. I may need more confidence to join your page .

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