Episode #222

Learn Intonation, Stress, and Connected Speech with Taylor Swift

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Download my Analysis of Taylor Swift’s Speech: https://hadarshemesh.com/taylor-swift-speech-analyses-pdf/

Listen to this episode to learn new phrasal verbs, understand connected speech, and ask the question with me – What makes a good speech a good speech?

Because it’s not just the words, it’s how we say the words, as well. The words we choose to emphasize, the melody we use to tie it all together. And listening to and watching speeches can teach us a lot about reductions, stress, connected speech, and intonation.

For this episode I’ve chosen some parts of Taylor Swift’s commencement speech at NYU and analyzed the way she used her speech to convey a powerful message.
I also prepared for you a free PDF with my speech notes so you can practice this speech later at home.

Here’s the PDF with analysis again: https://hadarshemesh.com/taylor-swift-speech-analyses-pdf/

More Speech Analyses for your to practice:

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