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Episode #278


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Are all mistakes in English equally important? What does that even mean to make a mistake? And who decides what IS a mistake ANYWAY??

In this episode, I discuss my holistic yet unconventional approach toward mistakes in English, and why I think the way we currently address mistakes is often the reason why people are struggling to see progress.

The idea for this episode came from receiving MANY comments on a recent video I created calling out other YouTube creators for their content.
It made me realize that we all need a decent shift in how we think about mistakes, and to recognize the complexity of speaking and owning any language.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi hadar
    I hope you are well
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about mistakes, really its very useful episode 👌 l agree with you in a lot of things you believe with that, especially in the important of deciding priorities of mistakes, because actually to go through learning everything you must be feeling better and stable without fear, the way of focusing on find out a mistakes for learning it’s not effective to resolve it, but the right approach it’s how to deal with that, how to make that mistakes like a good way to learn.
    To be honest, this is first episode l listen to you completely ,because l consider my self as new flower in your podcast, despite l was watched all your videos in the Facebook, really l am happy, and feeling excited about it, and l promise you, l will flow up all your episodes in the future.
    Be safe and thank you again 🙏 ❤
    More love 💘

    Ahmed Zohier

  2. Hi Haddar,

    Thank you for saving this time for us and sharing all your knowledge. I intend some day being like you.

    This topic has been extremely clear and helpful, especially in these days, plenty of influencers of English practicing the “stop saying…”. Nothing better than a holistic, well founded explanation.

    I wish you the best. Merry Christmas

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