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Practice with me: Short & effective daily practice to boost your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary #Sprint

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Sprints are 10-minute videos with daily pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary drills to help you build pronunciation confidence and fluency. And, they are my most popular videos ever! I’m constantly getting asked to make more Sprints, and today, I did just that!

So, what are these Daily Sprints, you ask? Sprints are a set of pronunciation drills designed to boost your confidence in pronouncing sounds correctly, learn new words, and nail common grammar structures.
It’s like a workout for your English-speaking muscles! By practicing these drills regularly, you’ll build muscle memory, making it easier to use those tricky sounds, recall words effortlessly, and internalize those grammar rules.

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The InFluency Podcast
325. The BEST WAY to Remember Vocabulary, Sounds, and Grammar | 10 minutes a day

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    1. Hi Elsa, Karen here. The Sprint Master is training that will help you organize your practice, and help you get results with only 10 minutes a day. It includes 33 Sprints for daily practice to boost your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

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